VEK AI-1, a small-lightweight, all-in one platform package for research and development of autonomous indoor and outdoor driving.

LAB’s VEK AI-1 is an all in one platform package for research and development of autonomous driving. VEK AI-1 incorporates the powerful NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2 embedded GPU SoC as the controller, in which you can run ROS or OpenKAI to develop deep learning enabled vision intelligence into vehicle dynamics control, and test in real world quickly and safely.

  • Small lightweight, high maneuverability.
  • All-in-one development package vehicle kit for autonomous driving.
  • For development of deep-learning enable vision intelligence vehicle control.
  • Target application for inspection and maintenance of civil infrastructure.
Dimensions 402mm x 259mm x 136mm
Max. Speed Up to 10 km/h
Avg. Run Time 60 minutes
(not included)
7.4 V
20 Wh
Primary Computer Jetson TX1
PixHawk Autopilot
IMU (MPU-9250)
Fatuba 6ch Radio Controller
Other Sensors
USB HD Camera
Ports CAN
mini HDMI
Gig. Ethernet
SD Card
USB (2x)
Software Jetpack, L4T
OpenKai SDK for Windows/Linux

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